Vision, Strategy and Execution

Where there’s a way, there’s a will

As we explained on our home page: “CEO’s from early stage to Fortune 100 hire the Goulston Group to provide a process to create better Vision, Strategy and Execution.”

When people at conferences, business meetings and elsewhere ask us what that means, we explain to them:

Better Vision = Products and services that spontaneously create a “gotta have it!” response in customers and clients

Better Strategy = Easily manageable plan for realizing that vision which spontaneously creates a “wanna do it!” response in managers

Better Execution = Doable tactics to execute that strategy which spontaneously creates a “get it done!” response in your regular employees (a.k.a. if tactics are not doable by mere mortals, they won’t get done)

What “better” means to us is vision, strategy and execution that spontaneously causes customers, managers and employees to act and requires little to no persuading, convincing or “arm twisting.”

Why that?

Because people are increasingly resistant to being pushed or pulled while at the same time they are hungry for a vision, strategy and execution plan that cause them to spontaneously and freely respond with “gotta have it!” “wanna do it!” and “get it done!”

Want Better Vision, Strategy and Execution?

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