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"... will not only change you, but your relationships as well. Generous, daring and important."

– Seth Godin, best-selling author of Purple Cow

"... will help you turn the impossible and unreachable people in your life into allies, devoted customers, loyal colleagues, and lifetime friends."

– Keith Ferrazzi, best-selling author of Never Eat Alone

"My executive team and I continue to be the beneficiaries of Mark's clarity, insights that are practical and ideas that we can't wait to put into action."

– Erik Oberholtzer, CEO of Tender Greens

“Mark knows that what people at every level of a company or organization don’t say often determines their behavior more than what they do say. More importantly, he directly addresses this elephant in the room in a non-threatening way that opens the road to change, growth and breakthrough results.”

– Warren Bennis, former Chairman of The Leadership Institute at USC

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