The Rising Tide the Lifts All Hopes

Creating a World Where Nobody Gets What They Want Until Everyone Gets What They Need

This is not socialism. This is not communism. This is humanism.

Given what we’re watching in the world or at least in America, it might be too late, but if we change course, we may still have time.

As I have traveled the world, I have observed that 90+% of the world want the same things:

  1. Food and clean water for all
  2. Healthcare for our families, ourselves, our aging parents and dignity for all wouldn’t hurt
  3. Housing
  4. Education for ourselves and children to secure present and future employment
  5. Communities that are free from crime
  6. An end to homelessness
  7. A healthy planet

In other words, the people of the world get what they need and with that, the possibility of being freed from the shame at turning a blind eye and deaf ear to our fellow human beings. 

Sure it might take some adjusting to let go of chasing what people want, but that never led to lasting satisfaction or fulfillment. It only created a voracious insatiable beast that needed to be constantly fed with excitement, entertainment and conspicuous consumption that has made a very small percentage of the world insanely wealthy.

What gets in the way are leaders who foment anger and paranoia towards other people and peoples to secure their power and positions.

The Internet was created not to sell stuff and make a small number of people incredibly rich and arrogant who lack the capacity to relate to or care about their fellow human beings, but to connect the people of the world so they can realize that the Emperors of the World have no clothes and in the main don’t care about their people. 

Certainly, there are exceptions, the Jacinda Ardern’s, the Angela Merkel’s, and several others are out there.  However, they are too duty and mission bound to waste their time grabbing headlines and you’ll have to pardon me, but I’m truly at a loss to identify a male leader unless you consider Pope Francis.

If the Internet could connect the people of the world and see that truly 90+% of the world want the above, it could become a rising tide that lifts all hopes.

Are you ready to give up what you want if your fellow human being gets what they need? You might actually be able to look that homeless person on your block in the eye instead of averting your gaze in hopes they don’t catch you in mid-shame over your selfishness.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “The Rising Tide the Lifts All Hopes”

  1. Deb Chromik says:

    AH Mark — count me in! I love your definition of Humanism = Creating a World Where Nobody Gets What They Want Until Everyone Gets What They Need. As a self-professed Human Connection Evangelist – I hear a crescendoing plea for humanity to raise our sights higher than our own self-interests, to someplace that solves for all the variations of pain generated from our years of forgetting that we are all made from the same light, that when any of us break, all of us break. Where do i sign up?

  2. Paul Smith says:

    thanks for sharing