Client Testimonials

Shine the Light Media Award – Dr. Mark Goulston
Alexey Fedorov, Founder, BBI
Eben Pagan – Investor, Entrepreneur, Author

Dr. Deborah Thomson, Founder and CEO, One Health Lessons

Monika Blaumueller, Innovation Strategist

Joan Lynch, Chief Content and Programing Officer, Working Nation

Dr. Betty Uribe, banker, speaker, philanthropist, author of #Values

Steve Jobs Returns - one man show - audience testimonials

Pastor Joseph Hamilton, Executive Director of the Martin Home Re-Integration Program for Men

Andy Earle, Owner and Founder, Write It Great
Brian MacMahon, Founder, Expert Dojo

Peter Winick, CEO, Thought Leadership Leverage

Mitzi (Mrs. Frank) Perdue, author of “How to Be Up in Down Times”
David Leighton, President and Co-Founder, WITI
Never Be Bullied Again by Mark Goulston, M.D.
27th Annual WITI Global Virtual Summit

Best Business Ideas Conference – Moscow

Chris Barez-Brown, Founder, Upping Your Elvis

John Livesay: Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert, Author

John Livesay: Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert, Author

Erik Oberholzer, co-founder, Tender Greens and co-author, “Ten Year Plan”

Simon Leslie, Former, Joint-CEO, Ink Global, following Zoom presentation to global salesforce composed mainly of millennials during Covid-19 Stay at Home order

Gerry Ricketts, Head of People, Ink Global

Kellee Johnson, Principal, Ballast Group

Russell Kennedy, M.D. author, Anxiety Rx, podcast guest

Michael Hernandez, Founder, XYZ Marketing

Robin Sax, Author, Lawyer, Clinical Therapist, Legal Analyst

Zo Williams, talk show host, producer and activist

Pia, London Office, Ink Global

Michael Weber, Founder, World Wide Breakthrough Mastermind Groups


George, Sales, Ink Global


Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee, Lecturer, University of Sydney

Ken Sky, Founder and Owner, Ken Sky Unlimited

Clients Include

Praise for Dr. Mark Goulston from his late mentor

Mark knows that what people at every level of a company or organization don’t say often determines their behavior more than what they do say. More importantly, he directly addresses this elephant in the room in a non-threatening way that opens the road to change, growth and breakthrough results.
Warren Bennis (1925-2014)
the World’s Preeminent Expert on Leadership

Praise for Dr. Mark Goulston

one of the most empathic people who has ever lived, as evidenced by how you feel talking to him for even a few minutes.

Eben Pagan

creator of MetaMind Mastermind Conferences

Dr. Mark Goulston changes your life beyond what you dreamed was possible.

Joan Lynch

chief content and programming officer WorkingNation

will not only change you, but your relationships as well. Generous, daring and important.

Seth Godin

best-selling author of Purple Cow