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1. Get Through to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime at Work
Unless of course you’d rather not

Want to get through more effectively to a customer, client, employee, boss, partner, team, board of directors or investor? What more could you ask for than Dr. Mark’s skills as an executive adviser, leadership coach, FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer with 30+ years experience as a clinical psychiatrist? (for offsites, conventions, sales and management meetings)

2. Potential is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Get Out of Your Own Way and Help Others Do the Same
If neither you nor your people are fulfilling your potentials, there’s a good chance that you’re getting in your own way and so are they. This keynote or half/full day training is based on Dr. Mark’s best selling Get Out of Your Own Way series of books. (for corporate retreats and conventions)

3. Opening Act
Why should I listen to you?

A 30-45 minute interactive presentation that opens up the hearts and minds of audiences to listen and try what they learn at offsites, conventions and retreats by Mark challenging the entire audience to try to get through to him. This talk narrows the gap between people being ready for change (which is most of us) and ready to change (which is few of us). (as the lead off presentation at corporate, board and industry retreats, offsites and conventions)

4. How to Calm Down an Emotional Person
and get them to listen to reason

Know any bullies who terrorize people or whiners who exasperate people? You avoid conflict with them, not because you don’t have the will, but because you don’t have the way. Learn Confrontation Effective Training in this talk/workshop and start confronting all those situations you’ve been avoiding.(as keynote or workshop)

5. The Respected Leader
Are you one of them?

When people trust you, they like you; when people respect you, they do what you say because they want your esteem. What would be the effect on your results if your people respected you, the way you respected and listened to your mentors and role models? Find out how to do onto your people what was done onto you that helped you succeed. More importantly honor those people that helped you be successful, by “paying it forward.” (a highly interactive presentation for C-level and senior management who want to inspire their people to be the best they can be)

6. Just Say “No” to Jerks
The Easy Way to Deal with Difficult People

A know-it-all who doesn’t know what he is talking about is a jerk, whereas a know-it-all who does know what he’s talking about is merely an ass. Find out how to deal with them effectively. Better yet, find out how to recognize them quickly and learn to cut your losses. (for all level business audiences)

7. The Best Life Possible
How to Make It Happen

Many successful people know more about making money than about achieving a happy and fulfilling life. The secret to a regret free life is to achieve the most meaningful accomplishments as defined by you. Easier said than done? Not when you hear Dr. Mark explain his “bullet proof” blueprint for making it so. (inspirational keynote, well suited to participants and spouses)

8. Who’s the Boss Now?
Be As Successful in Your Life As You are in Your Business

Sure you’re successful and tough at work, but your communication with your spouse is awful and your communication with your adolescent is non-existent. In fact if communicating with these people was your job, you would fire you. If you don’t know how to leave your project manager hat at work so you can manage to be closer to the ones you love, you’re shortchanging them and you. Using information from his well reviewed, landmark book: The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship: How to Fall In Love Again — and Stay There, participants will leave feeling as effective at home as they are at work. (for participants and spouses at conventions and retreats)

9. Mental Toughness
Develop this Key to Success in Your People and You

Learning to “take the hit” and come out stronger is something all champions possess. In this presentation, learn the secrets to doing this in your people in your. (as talk or workshop)

10. Wealth is What You Take from the World, Worth is What You Give Back
What’s YOUR Net Worth?

Are you going to leave the world better than you found it? What’s your legacy going to be? If that’s important to you, this talk’s for you. (an inspirational keynote, for wealthy clients and senior executives)

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