The Secret to Closing More Business in Professional Services

Stop playing JEOPARDY with your career

A: It never happens!

Q: At the end of a first conversation or meeting with a prospective client, how often do they say, “How soon can you start?” and “How do you prefer to get paid?”

What would it mean to your success if you could cause that to happen?

Inside every prospective client is a person who could and would ask those questions. Your challenge, and opportunity, is to find that person and get them to ask them.

The secret to doing this is to develop the ability to identify and tune into what every prospective client is listening for that is critical to their success, that even they’re not aware of, and then for you to deliver on it.

When this happens, your leverage comes from three phenomena that are present in that conversation:

  1. They know that you have a unique way of getting them outstanding, measurable (and raise/promotion worthy) results
  2. You know that you have a unique way of getting them outstanding, measurable results
  3. They know that you know that you have a unique way of getting them outstanding, measurable results

Hey, if I could make that happen in Moscow with 1000 Russian senior managers and CEOs…

I can probably help you to do the same with your prospective clients through my pay for performance sales coaching.

That’s right. Pay for performance.

And yes, I said coaching not training.

That’s because this is aimed at successful, experienced professional service providers at the top of their game who are always looking to become even more successful.

Unless you close significantly more and better clients then what you’re currently doing, you don’t pay me. However when you do, you pay me a percentage of your new business using what I will coach and teach you.

If you make a lot more… it’s only fair that I get to make a little more than what you’d pay me up front for the usual off the shelf coaching and training.

There is no monetary risk to you, other than figuring out on your side how we would make that financial agreement work.

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