Steve Jobs Returns

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In the pantheon of business all-stars, few resonate with our current professional moment more powerfully than Steve Jobs. While he himself was not a programmer or engineer, Jobs had a vision for what technology could be – and in many ways, the role that smartphones and mobile devices play in our lives is a result of this vision. But a vision without execution is nothing more than a daydream, and Jobs also had the business acumen necessary to lead Apple to the top of the tech pack.

Recruiter Today contributor, author, speaker, psychiatrist, and self-described “people hacker” Dr. Mark Goulston is one of many people who recognize the lessons that Jobs’s life and career hold for today’s professionals. That’s why he recently devised “Steve Jobs Returns – How to Build a Visionary Company,” a combination keynote speech and one-man show in which Goulston takes on the role of Steve Jobs in order to teach people about the “ten iterative, Lego-like steps that [Jobs] followed to make Apple ‘insanely great.’”

Goulston believes that Jobs’s business talent was no preternatural gift – no, it came from a set of concrete actions he took that anyone can follow.

I probably don’t have to tell you how unique the idea of delivering a keynote speech in the form of a one-man show is. When Goulston mentioned this project to me, I knew I had to learn more. So, we engaged in a quick email Q&A, which is reproduced below, minimally edited for style and clarity:


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