Jobs’ Important Lesson

Why won’t the fascination about Steve Jobs end? It’s because he appeared to be someone who could see into the future as to what will be most important to people and we are in dire need of individuals who can do that.  He was also the creative force behind Apple and that is a company that everyone wants to emulate.

Watch the videos below to discover his secret and what you must be able to do if you want to be highly successful.

What Jobs was able to do and so must you are:

  1. 1. Identify something that masses of people will need, want and have to have or be able to do that isn’t going to go away
  2. 2. Have it be something that causes customers intense pain, frustration, exasperation or even fear
  3. 3. Have it be something that all of your competitors have poor solutions for
  4. 4. Have a solution that is so much better that it not only causes customers and clients to need and want it, it causes them to “gotta have it.” And when you create that, you don’t have to sell or persuade anyone to buy it. You just take sales orders.


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