Speeding Up Developing a Vaccine and Cure for Covid-19

I apologize in advance if what follows is just another example of my ideaphoria.

If memory serves, I remember from Biochemistry in Medical School the concept of the Rate-Limiting Step (RLS). This is the step in a metabolic pathway that sets the speed for the entire process. Once the RLS is passed, the chemical reaction moves rather quickly.

This might be naive, but I assume that there are experts, I mean real geniuses, in the area of RLS and how to speed them up, and in some cases by pass them altogether.

The problem is that I am also guessing that such RLS area experts may be viewed as mavericks and find themselves squelched or obstructed by many naysayers in an organization. That is because such experts are likely to be viewed as rebels and disruptive.

And rightly or wrongly, I assume that there are RLS at play in the processes currently underway that are trying to develop an effective vaccine and a cure.

To that end, I am suggesting that the CDC create a summit of these RLS experts to share stories, insights, outside the box, off the wall, counterintuitive, but intuitively correct ideas regarding speeding up the RLS wherever it applies to developing a vaccine and cure.

I might be wrong, but I’m guessing that the mutual encouragement, collective empowerment and possible synergy of ideas of such a group, freed from their usual naysayers, might accelerate the process of finding a vaccine or cure for Covid-19.

What do we have to lose?

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