Self-Government Inventory

In these crisis times, we can no longer allow any “fake news” from either the White House or unnecessary alarmist news from the media.

That is because in times of fear verging on panic (a.k.a. dread), we listen and look for what we can expect, attach to, rely on in hopes of feeling a little calmer so we can deal with our lives rationally instead of irrationally.

When we are hit with “fake news” and/or overly alarmist news, we have to change what we expect and then break our attachment to it. That can throw us into deeper fear and push us into a state of free fall, where we start hoarding food, become more irritable with each other and worse.

The Self-Government Inventory below:

is a tool to help all of us manage our expectations.

(download PDF of Self-Government Inventory)

For instance, with regard to Truth-telling and the government, i.e. President Trump, we can rely on him telling the truth when he is about to make a trip or run some idea by/at Congress.

We can’t rely on him to go into details, give us a specific timetable or a strategy OR take personal responsibility when anything goes wrong.

What he can rely on us for is to keep listening to him in hopes that he will be telling us the truth and giving us something we can expect to happen, attach to, rely on and feel a little calmer.

What he can’t rely on us for is to not become more fearful and even panicky when we discover he has told us a lie or untruth or flip-flopped. And he can’t rely on us to function calmly as long as he keeps doing that.

Use the Self-Government Inventory to adjust your expectations based on the track record you have seen from the government and President Trump.

By not expecting what won’t happen and expecting what is likely to happen, we can all become a little calmer, saner and more rational.

We will all get through this together.

BTW any and all of the criteria along the Y-axis can be changed to suit your particular circumstance, because you can use this tool in your organization to do performance reviews with your employees.


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