PREVIEW – Talking to Crazy – a taste if you can’t wait ’til October

This is the Swiss Army Knife of self-improvement books! Whether your “crazy” people live with you, work with you, or just go to the same supermarket, here is a detailed way to work with them, neutralize them, and even, possibly, get along with them and enjoy the process. A must for anyone who deals with other people – in other words, this should be on everyone’s nightstand, well read, dog-eared, underlined, and marked – not collecting dust on a bookshelf.

– NetGalley reviewer

Nearly every (at least somewhat rational) person I tell the title of my next book, Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life (link is external), (due out October 21, 2015) smiles when they hear it.

When I ask them why they’re smiling, they reply:

  • “I need that book today
  • “I speak to someone like that every day”
  • “Do you have a section when the crazy person is yourself?”
  • “How soon can you get me a copy?” (needless to say more than a few people will be receiving advance galley copies)

I then realized that October can seem like an eternity from now when you have to “talk to crazy” on a daily basis.

So here is a taste of some of what you’ll read or hear (when you get the audiobook) when the book comes out.


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