National Local Town Hall Day to Increase Mask Wearing

This is more important than partisan politics. It’s a matter of safety and getting to the “new normal” sooner than the inconsistent approach we are now experiencing.

There seems to be uniform agreement that the more people who wear masks in most settings, the greater impact it will have in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic in America.

How to make that happen.

Something else that seems apparent is that Covid-19 is being attacked on more of a local level than on a national level and we shouldn’t count on any consistent message from national leadership.

Therefore, what if there was a national day when Local Zoom Town Halls across the country werre held, that would be reported on local news stations and local newspapers.

That zoom call would consist of people from those regions speaking who didn’t wear masks and are now paying the price either from coming down with Covid-19 and serious related illnesses connected with it and/or reporting the death of a loved one from Covid-19 that might have been prevented if masks had been worn (in addition to the other recommended guidelines of hand washing, social distancing, avoiding crowded gatherings and bars, etc.).

If you can’t get people to understand or care about how you feel, get people to feel how you feel by showing them people just like them.

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