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About My Wakeup Call:

Dr. Mark Goulston is the host of My Wakeup Call.

In this podcast, Mark speaks to people who have had wakeup calls when they not only woke up, but it changed their lives, and changed how they would spend the rest of their lives.

In nearly every case, the wakeup call was not pleasant, not invited, not welcome and often shook people to the core of their being. But in every case, it made our guests more authentic, better at life, better in life, and better human beings.

Although many guests have a platform, product, service or book to promote, the podcast is about bringing out their most human side. The majority of guests have said it was one of the most personal, authentic and real they have ever been in an interview and they are always given the option for us to not use if it’s too real for them or to edit out parts they are uncomfortable with. To date, more than 98% of the guests have said they want the episode to be posted because they have always wanted people to see this side of them, but that it rarely or even never came out in an interview.

Before Covid-19 it was morphing into a presentation, called “The Human CEO,” at conferences where Mark would bring out that human side of CEO’s for all their people to see.

We hope you will listen-in and become as inspired as we are from every episode. We also hope it will help you persevere if you are going through a wakeup call and haven’t yet gotten through the pain of it, or landed in your future as the better person you’re meant to be, with the better life that you’re meant to have.

It was recently selected as the top Inspirational podcast for Small Business Owners by the UPS Stores:

About Mark Goulston: 

In addition to being a podcast host, Dr. Goulston is also a sought after guest expert on other people’s podcasts.

His HBR Ideacast guest episode, “Become a Better Listener”, has been the #1 top ranked episode out of 700+ episodes for three years.

He is a keynote speaker, executive coach, advisor and confidante to entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs from startups to the Fortune 100.

He is the inventor of the process called, Surgical Empathy, which he used as a suicide prevention specialist for 25+ years with none of his patients dying by suicide and was also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA-NPI.

He is the co-creator and moderator of the multi-honored documentary, Stay Alive: An Intimate Conversation About Suicide Prevention.

He is also a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer.

He is one of the world’s foremost experts on empathic listening with his book, “Just Listen” Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, being translated into twenty-four languages and becoming the top book on listening in the world and a topic he speaks on globally.

“Just Listen” was also the subject of a PBS Special.

The Russian edition of his last book, Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life, became a bestseller and went viral in that country. He is the author of five more books and co-author of the upcoming book, Why Cope When You Can Heal? How Healthcare Heroes of Covid-19 can Recover from PTSD from Harper Collins Horizon.

He has appeared as a subject area expert in psychology and human behavior across all media including: CNN, ABC/NBC/CBS/BBC News, Today, Oprah, NY Times, Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Fast Company, Huffington Post.

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