Genius of Steve Jobs (VIDEO)

On June 16, 2015 Mark presented: “The Genius of Steve Jobs – How to Think Like a Disruptor” at the IIeX Insight Innovation Exchange Conference in Atlanta, GA (click on image to enlarge)

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After the program here is what Tom Ewing of Greenbook Marketing said:

IIeX attracts evangelists for change, and there was a religious cast to some of the more fevered presentations, like the passionate “Innovate Or Die” by Shane Skillen of Hotspex.  Innovation has its credo – change; it has its familiar parables – like Kodak and Instagram; and it has dire warnings for those doubters who give less than 100%.  It also has a saint – Steve Jobs, whose example was the inspiration for one of the most seductive presentations of the event, by Dr. Mark Goulston.  His secret to innovation – back-of-the-beermat simple though it is – came on the back of some softly-spoken storytelling about not just Jobs but Goulston’s own past life as a therapist and suicide counselor. (The secret in question? “Whoa! Wow. Hmmm… Yes.” OK, you really had to be there. Or buy the book.)

Tweets during presentation at IIeX:

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Sentient’s Recap of Day 2 at IIeX NA (scroll down to see summary of key points from “The Genius of Steve Jobs”

View the presentation:

Steve Jobs’ 4 Step Formula applied to his first boss, Nolan Bushnell, in explaining how he came up with his new company, Brainrush, plus Business Rockstars host, Ken Rutkowski, explains how he came up with the idea for his show, now carried on 200+ radio stations:

Mark talks about how “Innovation is for wusses and how he believes in impossible goals” and challenges himself to cause his audience of entrepreneurs that they will never look at the world the same way again and that they will be able to look at it through Steve Jobs’ eyes. Will he pull it off?

I recently appeared on a panel entitled: Leading Through Disruption at the NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit, where I again talked about Steve Jobs as a disruptor, and here were the ratings of our panel (click on image to enlarge):

Ratings of Speakers - Leading Through Disruption Panel - NACD Global Leadership

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