How Apple = ISIS

* It was too late to change the title of this upcoming webinar — that you can receive a 50% discount on by contacting Joel Elliott at  However after recently presenting one of my “Gotta Have It” programs, a person involved with homeland security told me that the same unconscious formula that I present which causes Apple customers to respond with “gotta have it” to their products ISIS also follows to radicalize teenagers and young adults and cause them to respond with “gotta join it.” That will be covered in this webinar.

Creating ‘Gotta Have It’ Products and Services: Thinking Like Steve Jobs
Wednesday, July 8 at 2:00 pm ET

More than ever people resist being persuaded and convinced, but when you cause them to respond with, “gotta have it!” they convince themselves. In this webinar with former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Mark Goulston, you will:

  • – learn the unconscious formula that Steve Jobs followed to hook, grab and cause customers to react with “gotta have it” that spontaneously leads to “gonna buy it”
  • – be able to create a product or service that has the “gotta have it” element, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere while the demand increases of it’s own volition
  • – see your clients, customers, and even employees in a new way that will allow you to lead your organization more effectively and turn your vision of the future into reality.
  • – discover that ISIS uses the same unconscious process to successfully radicalize teenagers and young adults and cause them to respond with, “gotta join it!”

As the speaker for this session, I’m able to offer you a rate of 50% off to attend! To take advantage of this special rate, please contact Joel Elliott at   

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