High Maintenance or Low Maintenance

Sound Like Anyone You Know?

High maintenance people are easy to upset, difficult to please. Low maintenance people are easy to please, difficult to upset. Let’s get a little more descriptive to see who in your life they sound like… including you.

If you have some :high maintenance people in your life and you’d like to break free of them, one of the best ways is to begin to start hanging out with low maintenance people, and commit yourself to becoming one of them. When that happens, you will begin to become so physically stressed (headaches, stomach aches, difficulty sleeping, sleeping too much, etc) when you’re around the high maintenance ones, that you will not be able to tolerate it.

BTW if you are a high maintenance person and have read this far without becoming infuriated, you have the possibility to become a low maintenance person if you work at it by committing yourself to the actions in the high maintenance category above until they become habits.

If you do that, you will discover one of the most unfair truths about low maintenance, nice people, which is that the world will root more for a truly remorseful, repentant and reformed awful person than someone who has been nice all along, because the relief people feel at not having to be afraid of or infuriated at you is close to feeling ecstasy.

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