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From: “Just Listen” (Chapter 1)

June 28: Two Questions to Gain People’s Respect and Have Them Treat You Better
July 6: Two Questions to Stand Out from other Job Applicants
July 20: Two Questions to Get Closer to Your Partner
August 3: Two Questions to Delegate Effectively
August 30: Two Questions to Get Your Middle School and High Schools Kids Off to the Best Start in School
Septermber 3: Two Questions to Get Your Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Off to the Best Start in School

September 21: Two Questions to Leave the Best First Impression on a Job
September 28: Two Questions to Tell If Someone is Lying to You

The Advertising Show: How to Get Out of Your Own Way (mp3)
Warren Buffett says that people don’t succeed more because they get in their own way than that the world prevents them. Find out how and why that happens and how to stop and overcome it, in this interview with Mark hosted by Advertising Age.

The 21st Century CEO (pdf)
The four key qualities of a great leader are: the Judgment to know the right thing to do, the Integrity to do it, the Character to stand up to those who don’t do it and the Courage to stop those who won’t do it. Find out more and how to become the leader you would want to have in this special ebooklet.

CIO Magazine: How to Avoid Bumping Heads between IT and Business Managers (pdf)
IT and business managers too often don’t speak the same language which cause IT people to be treated like functions rather than a valuable part of the strategy team. Find out why and how that happens and how to stop it.

Fast Company Magazine: Pulling the Trigger (pdf)
The main regret people have about firing people is that they didn’t do it sooner. As painful as it to fire someone, it’s even worse when you delay and both you and the person you fire would have been better off if you did it sooner.

Just Listen: How to Get Through to Anyone (video)
Use this with your teams to find out how well you and they listen.

Tribune Media: Solve Anything with Dr. Mark, “Get it, get us, get me… then you get the job” (pdf)
When you really get where your interviewer is coming from, you’re more likely to get the job.

Peace of Mind, Peace on Earth Assessment Tool (POEPOM)TM (pdf)
Assess your happiness

“Change Your Way of Thinking in 8 Minutes” (Video)
Reaching the impossible goal of changing the way people think and approach relationships in 8 minutes.