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“Mark makes keenly sharp relevant observations without appearing opinionated or judgmental. This enables him
to be direct and even blunt without offending those he works with. Rather than coming off as an authority figure in
the bad sense of the word, he comes across like the helpful, caring and no nonsense big brother you always wanted.”

-Warren Bennis (1925-2014)
Former Chairman Board of Advisers
Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government
Center for Public Leadership

Pic 5 ThinkstockPhotos-493171547What differentiates Goulston Group advising and coaching from other programs is that it is built upon the work of Dr. Goulston as a psychiatrist, hostage negotiation trainer and one of the top experts on listening in the world and in dealing with people that drive you crazy.

The Goulston Group regularly speaks to and provides coaching to C-Suite Executives and VP and above managers and also writes about communication and leadership at HBR. We also work with teams and individuals who are committed to improving their non-technical skills starting immediately and who know that if they don’t, it will greatly cost them results, success, promotions, pay and even their job. Our approach therefore focuses on the behaviors to be changed and in addition the underlying psychology that has caused coaching clients to act in their success defeating ways.

Prior to our agreeing to an engagement, all potential coaching clients must download, complete then submit our 25 Success-Defeating Behaviors Assessment. Assessment instructions are provided within the downloadable document. Please note that the coaching clients’ key stakeholders (those who have authority over the coaching clients employment, i.e. C-Suite Executive to CEO, CEO to Board, Senior VP to EVP, etc.) are actively involved in the assessment process.

C-Suite Executive Coaching

Dr. Goulston, on a limited basis, coaches selected C-Suite executives. It is not for everyone. In his work with these individuals, Dr. Goulston causes them to see the world through different eyes. This results in realizing and achieving not only what’s possible but what was once considered impossible.

Senior Manager Coaching

Dr. Sandra Vogel and Kingsley Smith coach executives, senior and middle management to set both ambitious and aspirational 1, 2 and 3 year goals and provides accountability so that they achieve them. Along the way, these individuals learn skills and competencies to greatly improve their performance and results in measurable ways.

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