Defeating Self-Defeat

Avoid One of Life’s Greatest Tragedies

Does this sound like you or anyone you know?

  1. Procrastinating
  2. Taking Things Too Personally
  3. Not Learning from Your Mistakes
  4. Quitting Too Soon
  5. Trying to Change Others
  6. Holding onto a Grudge
  7. Thinking “I’m sorry” is enough
  8. Talking Too Much
  9. Feeling Sorry for Yourself
  10. Making Bad Situations Worse
  11. Taking and Not Taking No for an Answer
  12. Letting Fear Run Your Life

Do you know the difference between a calamity and a tragedy?

A calamity such as a flood, fire, hurricane or Covid seems unavoidable.

A tragedy feels like something you could have avoided such as hiring or marrying the wrong person, gambling too much of your money, drinking when you have an alcohol problem, which is what makes it a tragedy.

One of the greatest tragedies is coming to the end of your life and a life that could have been so much better but what you could have prevented, you failed to avoid because you got in your own way and gave into self-defeating behaviors.

But now, with my new course, Defeating Self-Defeat, by Himalaya you will get started in preventing that tragedy.

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