“Gotta Have It” = “Whoa” + “Wow” + “Hmmm” + “Yes”

Questioning and then listening deeply to the answer is the most important pivot point in my life and leadership.
It is central to fulfilling the promise of our company, the Goulston Group.

– Dr. Mark Goulston, Founder/Co-CEO

When we say, “We create ‘gotta have it!'” what that means is we help companies put themselves completely (and we mean completely) in their customer’s shoes and then help them ask and answer the question, “What would your customer need to see, hear, read, think and feel that would cause them to go, “I gotta have it?”

Why? Because when you create “gotta have it,” you don’t have to persuade, convince or sell, you just take sales orders (picture all the customers lined up around the block of an Apple Store when a new product becomes available and what they’re thinking, i.e. “I gotta have it!”). Furthermore, in our attention span challenged times, if you don’t create “gotta have it!” you’re creating, “Nah, never mind, pass.”

Companies hire the Goulston Group when everyone in the company understands this formula and wants to leave no stone unturned in implementing it and getting it out to the marketplace.

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