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How Well Do Your People Collaborate?

Conflicted Silos ——————————- Collaborative Synergy

(Where is your company?)

What do the Costco, Whole Foods, Zappos and Patagonia have in common?

  • They have highly positive and collaborative cultures
  • Negativity, complaining and “getting thrown under the bus” are viewed as alien to their cultures
  • They consistently exceed their customer’s expectations by collaborating to serve them better and satisfy them more
  • Their people talk about their company at parties with pride, enthusiasm and passion that your people envy
  • Their people are deeply grateful to them for helping them not only to succeed at work, but to succeed in life
  • Their people at the end of their careers will probably look back and feel the best years in their career happened when they worked for those companies
  • Those companies know that happy, productive, fulfilled, collaborative and fully engaged employees translates into greater customer service and satisfaction
  • All of the above significantly contribute to higher revenue a.k.a. ROC (Return on Collaboration)

If the Costco, Whole Foods, Zappos and Patagonia represent a 10 for positive, productive, collaborative and revenue enhancing cultures, how does your company and organization measure up?

If you could create the positive, highly engaged, collaborative cultures of these four “gold standards” what would be the effect on your people’s productivity given that poorly engaged employees collaborate poorly and give you less than 6 hours of productive work/8 hour day?

 A good company makes you want to do a better job;
a great company helps you have a better life

Positive Collaborative Transformation is a scalable process that eliminates negativity by creating a positive rising tide that lifts all your people towards positive, proactive, open and productive collaboration.   It works from the inside out of your company by reconfiguring how your people view, relate to and interact with each other and the world around them.  And that approach works because outside in solutions usually don’t work or if they do, don’t last (wouldn’t you agree?). 

Why settle for an uncooperative, negative, reactive and defensive culture where productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue hemorrhage through the cracks?

The single requirement for its success.  The CEO, Managing Partner or Lead Director must believe in it, be committed to it and serve as a role model for it.

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