Are You Looking for a Tested Podcast Guest?

In addition to hosting My Wakeup Call which is closing in on 230 episodes (25 are in the queue), I have been a guest on more than 250 podcasts. Here is a link to some of those appearances. My appearance on Harvard Business Review’s Ideacast podcast in an episode entitled, Become a Better Listener, has been #1 Ranked for more than three years. In addition, more than 50% of the hosts have invited me to come back whenever I was working on something new. Little did they – or I – realize that being a serial creative problem solver, I’m always working on something new which the videos and flyer below will give you a taste of.

If you’re looking for a guest to help make sense of human psychology and behavior as it applies to business and/or life who will provide immediately doable tactics for navigating anything interpersonal, feel free to contact me by clicking on “Contact” in the Menu to the left.

Below is a sample from recent LinkedIn Live: Leading with Gratitude with host, Chester Elton

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