12 things I learned from Covid-19 – Steven Harms

I interviewed Steven Harms, voice trainer, opera singer, social entrepreneur, for Episode 103 of My Wakeup Call  when we spoke about his wakeup up call at age 5 about how the unnecessary hurt and pain in the world called out to him to do something about it.

Recently he and his entire family came down with Covid-19. Happily they are on the mend albeit with some lingering symptoms.

He recently shared with an entrepreneurial group that we both belong to 12 things that he learned from Covid-19, that I think are things we could all learn from… and hopefully without needing to come down with the virus.

1. I take exercise … for granted

2. I take eating healthy … for granted

3. I take thinking clearly … for granted

4. I take human interaction … for granted

5. I take breathing … for granted

6. I take being productive … for granted

7. I take comfortable sleep… for granted

8. I take my ability to contribute value … for granted

9. I take my ability to write (books/journal/music)… for granted

10. I take possession  of copious amounts of time … for granted

11. I take having an amazingly loving and giving community … for granted

12.  I take the resources that could make my amazing life even more amazing and influential … for granted

3 Points