Prison Letters with Dr. Mark Goulston


If you think all inmates and prisoners and criminals are animals and we should save taxpayer money and just shoot them all… then this podcast is not for you.

In his weekly Prison Letters podcast, Dr. Mark Goulston, reads from the 100+ letters sent to him from inmates and prisoners, all of who have read his book, Get Out of Your Own Way. That book first published in 1996 has been on the top ten list for Self Help Books at Amazon for more than ten years and it has found its way into prisons and jails.

In that book, 40 common self-defeating behaviors are covered in quick, easy to ready chapters, each with a Usable Insight at the end and Action Steps. The most common chapters that prisoners and inmates relate to are:

  • Getting Involved With the Wrong People
  • Getting So Angry You Make Things Worse
  • Holding a Grudge
  • Not Learning From Your Mistakes
  • Taking Things Too Personally
  • Feeling Sorry For Yourself
  • Becoming Obsessive or Compulsive

In each podcast, Dr. Mark reads a letter from an inmate or prisoner and then extemporaneously empathizes with the writer and by the end of the podcast, he has firmly connected to the human being inside underneath all the criminal behavior on top.

He covers issues that are relevant to all human beings. For instance in Episode 3: Papa Can You Hear Me, the letter writer talks about after reading in Get Out of Your Own Way a chapter about parents, “I went back to my cell and cried and cried and cried.” Dr. Mark goes on to tune into the pain of that prisoner in a way that will touch any man who has ever had an issues with his dad.

In Episode 6: Not Born to Hate, Dr. Mark finishes the letter and role plays a new born infant born into a cold cruel and angry world. Anyone who has trouble with their anger and controlling feelings of hatred will especially relate to this episode.

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