Wouldn’t You Agree? #26 One of Life’s Biggest Tragedies

Q: What is one of life’s biggest tragedies?

A: When you focus so much on those who didn’t care about you that you neglect to savor, appreciate and thank those who did?

Wouldn’t you agree?

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10 Responses to “Wouldn’t You Agree? #26 One of Life’s Biggest Tragedies”

  1. K.C. Victor Says:

    As is commonly said, “Go where the love is.”

  2. tom olofsson Says:


    I am getting ready to go to my 40th grammar school reunion. I had been struggling with how to handle the inevitable interactions with people who treated me shabbily back then.

    Your simple little blog post has allowed me to look forward to it as an opportunity to celebrate with those who helped and supported me through grammar school and through life.

    Thank you.

  3. Rosalind Sedacca Says:

    Totally agree, Mark. Seems we have to learn that with age. Most of us have spent too much time worrying about and giving power to people who don’t deserve our attention or respect. Thanks for the great reminder!

  4. Mitali Says:

    I’ve thought about this issue a lot the past few months and I’ve been trying to appreciate more. And I share when I appreciate someone. I think that’s key. Sharing.

  5. Cheryl Sharp Says:

    This is just very karmic, and the tragedy is if this person lives their whole life not learning this lesson early on. If one spends their life not valuing, appreciating or acknowledging others in their life, would it not then stand to reason that by karmic laws one would attract to themselves those who do not value, appreciate or acknowledge them? This is also very Buddhist.

    The person you describe above seems like someone with poor boundaries and lack of spiritual maturity.

    The overall tragedy of life is not to recognize, appreciate, acknowledge or value that we truly do have a Divine Creater who is the true source of every good thing in our life–not people or circumstances, who are only channels of such. I would think such a person is not even grateful to God.

  6. Scott Tansey Says:


    Your wisdom reminds me of an old saying. “When you are kind to the cruel, you are cruel to the kind.” The other quote I love comes from Victor Frankel, “When I was younger, I was attracted by cleverness. When I became older, I am attracted by kindness.”

    Unfortunately, genuine kindness is treat as weakness and a character flaw. However, it takes real character to be kind and maintain the necessary boundaries. It takes no more energy and attention to be kind than to be a jerk.

    Happy New to all.

  7. Aaron Says:

    @ Mitali:

    Sharing is caring! Nice post!

    Dr. G – I tried putting a post up on your new web site, Heartfelt Leadership. When I clicked through, my post wouldn’t go up. Is there a problem with the web page? I’d appreciate your help – nice looking site, by the way. Thanks!

  8. Mark Says:


    I believe you have to register there to post. Thanks for your interest.

  9. Shannon Says:

    Not sure I would by into it being one of life’s biggest tragedies but certainly very sad to say the least

  10. Shannon Says:

    BTW bought and am reading Real Influence