Usable Insight – Am I for real?

Am I for real? I’d like your help.

Being authentic is very important to me, because when you’re authentic, it makes it easier for people to trust you. Even though I may seem “composed” in the following videos, since I’m shy, there is more than a little anxiety brewing within. And anxiety can make me (and everyone) inauthentic. So my question for you is do I come across as authentic and do you have any tips for further squelching the anxiety within? (That will help reduce the number of times I have to visit the restroom before every appearance I make).

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2 Responses to “Usable Insight – Am I for real?”

  1. Jonathan Hunt Says:

    You are 100% authentic Mark. Nothing comes across as forced. Loved your Just Listen book and am highly enjoying the Real Influence new offering.

    Keep leading the way!

  2. Marc Wong Says:

    Your performance is very good, and certainly authentic.
    I think the task is inherently difficult. It’s difficult to come up with sound bites, simple analogies, and touching stories when we try to discuss relationship or communication problems. Ideally, we’d like to say something passionate and insightful that touches the audience. That’s a tough goal that would make anyone anxious!
    I suppose the answer is to keep practicing and to keep looking for compelling, interesting material.
    I wonder if Dr. Phil or anyone else does a good job with this?