Usable Insight – Interview Cheat Sheet – What your boss wants to know

Seven Things Your Potential Boss Wants to Know


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One Response to “Usable Insight – Interview Cheat Sheet – What your boss wants to know”

  1. Jack Shaw Says:

    Dr. Goulston,
    Your piece is interesting and seems logical for the interview and what the potential boss wants to know. However, it appears there is a bigger issue at stake for that same individual once in the job.

    “Golden” employees, especially new ones, either go against pride those employees already in place, or threaten the bosses they impressed in the interview with their skills. Not all bosses are “golden” especially in this economy, when many are fearful of their jobs. I hate to be pessimistic, but that employer may turn on the employee, steal credit, or keep that employee close, alienating the rest of his employees by making the “golden” employee his or her pet.

    On the optimistic side, it could be a wonderful situation. Of course had you written that side of the story, the publisher wouldn’t have published your book.